Sunday, December 24, 2006

although it's been said many times, many ways...

merry christmas to you!!!^_^ i feel quite guilty that i wasn't able to give gifts to my friends except for those whom i've picked for Kris Kringles. well, i don't have that much money these days and no time to make crafts for them because of our finals during the 2nd week. at least i got to give gifts to my parents, two brothers, and enzo. after, nadamoolah left. a mere hundred bill in my wallet.

one kris kringle that i particularly enjoyed and looked forward to was the one with our Batch Assembly officers. i picked poor, poor lorraine. her disappointment during meetings after seeing what her mommy(me) prepared for her delighted me every week.

i gave lorraine something....
naughty: an old Dorm Daze dvd
sweet: 1/2 kilo of sugar
slimy or sticky: 1 plastic of okra
useful: dulcolax(spelling?), biogesic, immodium
long and hard: labanos
soft: cotton balls

...while others got chocolates, belts, beauty stuff, sumans, etc. nyahahaha! pero mejo bumawi ako sa final gift..i hope.

well, well, xmas break update:

Christmas dinner with BA. less than half came but it was fun just the same. karyl asked me to host a game and i did Pinoy Henyo and of course, anlabo ng pinahulaan ko, with statements and words like: "tinga," "Lance Tan," and "Panget ba ako?" wala lang. gusto ko lang sila pahirapan. hehe! thanks, pat, for your amazing roof top!

itsh not bastos...we just like fruits! >:)
more pictures in yoe's multiply.

Sr-C Christmas "party". as always, venue was good old Town(ATC). the whole thing was arranged by dana, of course. she and arlene even prepared xmas cards for each of us, for everyone to write their xmas messages on. really brilliant. we went to alex' place after and did whatever. poker, videoke, inom ng onti.. overall, twas a very mems-able evening. ^_^ missed you, guys. for those who didn't come, well, you missed us. hahah! pics: [x] [x]

blogskinning. it's a good boredom-buster. i signed up in blogskins and submitted some past layouts. i'm still not an expert but it's so fulfilling to see that my works are being downloaded. not as much as others do, but at least one means a lot. i've much to learn and explore. my latest layout's background image is on the right(click here to enlarge). share lang. ^_^

it's 10:30 pm and sooo nearing Christmas! kain nanaman. omg. i have to go to the gym on the 26th. and on 27. 28..blaaach!!! Merry Christmas again y'all!

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