Monday, December 11, 2006

takas lang

i'm not supposed to be blogging right now since it will probably eat very precious minutes that are meant for studying, but screw it. freedom awaits me on december 13th. pero puyat days before that and i have--although against my will--loaded myself with sinful sweets to at least up my adrenaline.

btw, james! para sayo ung pic sa right. hahaha! malas naman aral ng aral sa bday. tsktsk! also, belated haberdey to elcid(10th) and marco(8th)!

2 finals down, 3 to go! we're planning a study group tomorrow for physics but still haven't decided on the venue. syet. i need at least a 2.0 para dL parin!! i used to like physics... badtrip to!!

that's it. time to do some solvy solvy. eww.

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