Monday, December 18, 2006

while making money

wattuupp?!!! lol. new layout again. but it still doesn't look good with IE, or maybe with other screen resolutions too. i'll fix it later when i get back from RnP's xmas bonding session.

i printed shirts for my dad's workers before lunch this morning. still not done. he promised to give me P20 per shirt, so it's 600 for 30! a bit cheap if you ask me, but they provided the materials anyway.

it's 2pm, havta go!

thanks for the book, al! i hope you read maxim mag..haha! geez, ang bigat sa tyan ng soju. it's a korean drink that leah let us try. we finished three bottles while playing a couple of card games. fuuuunnn!!

so how's the xmas break? i went to kat's debut last saturday..kat looked stunning and the food was suuper! there was this acoustic band too and my blockmates asked me to sing. and i never say no to singing. well, almost never. anyway, i sang "especially for you." cheers to kat and jick!♥

oh my gawd. in alex' words, it's D-day tomorrow. for the first time in my college, aka grade-conscious years, i am fearing the fact that i can fail a subject. ugh, physics, why do you have to be partnered with palisoc?! good luck to us tomorrow. one thing to look forward to is chowing down james' cheesecake.

13 shirts to go and i'll get my money! off to moolah-making mode... xiao!

something that doesn't happen very frequently just did. i was bloghopping and stumbled upon arnel's page and as usual, heard "gitara" by parokya (the default tune in his site's music player). then for some reason, the music was loud--loud enough that my laptop couldn't possibly be making the sound. and then ayun! at the exact moment, yun din pala tinutugtog sa Princess Hours. as in sabay na sabay. weird. hehe.

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