Wednesday, December 06, 2006

the world has come between us...

this game is adddiiiicccttiiingg and at the same time--unfortunately--veers my attention from Stathe1. my mom has the same game in her O2 mini and she's still playing with it as i type this. adeek na. try it!

here's a screenshot:

the goal is to clear the path and move other cars so that the yellow/orange one can go to the red exit. requires logic and patience... actually, i remember going to ATC (at Hobbes) and playing the real thing (not virtual). mom had said i could use the credit card to buy it pero yoko na...800 bucks for a puzzle game?
_ _ _

today's my first time to go to school and back home twice. and it was quite heavy, financially speaking. my bad, though. i photocopied liselle's stat notes for our quiz and i friggin brought home her notebook! i was relaxing on my bed--kakatae nga lang eh--when she texted and out of guilt and shame, i rode the bus again to school to give it back.

lesson learned: copy notes. completely.

i do have notes, except that at times, my body clock does not permit it. due to unfavorable circumstances, i sometimes arrive at 9am for my 8am Stat class. i didn't have problems going to school as early as 6 during the general elections last school year, but for some reason, 8:00am has this weird force that seems to repel me. yak! this is so physics. haha! enough.

bottomline: i hate 8am classes.

show me the money! really, i need some cash... pang exchange gifts. ang dami eh, halos lahat worth P200 dapat. my block's gift-giving is this thursday and i haven't thought of anything yet. not that my recipient is that hard to please. the thing is, i have 2 days to friggin come up with 200 pesos. omigash! batch assembly kris kringle rin pala sa thurs... hmm.. something long & hard... that's not too difficult. ;p

my brother can be a future lawyer. young as he is (8), he has his principles and arguments--although not all the time correct:

(mom scolding jerick)
mom: jerick, bata ka pa. wag ka sagot ng sagot. sumunod ka nalang sa mga sinasabi namin.
jerick: edi para na kong robot nun?

now that's philosophy right there! debate on free will... haha!

Current tune: Breakfast at Tiffany's - The Wallflowers version

...our lives have come between us...

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