Tuesday, December 19, 2006

creative juices

i'm done with 30 shirts, now my mom's requesting for 10 more. no prob. here are the pictures:

nakakapagod rin pala! it's harder to print on dark shirts...you have to apply the paint with more force and repetitions. i need more practice with shirt-printing and perhaps new screens. mine are clogged and for some friggin reason, my stripper solution doesn't seem to be able do its purpose of removing photo-emulsion from the screen.

i made myself an "i heart stat" shirt a few months ago and have been wearing it to school. my blockmates actually wanted their own and ordered from me but i can't find black baby tees! my friends are too darn thin. wah! my shirt was actually for men, but my mom used her "creative juices" to make it fit me well. she even cut the sleeves, sewed them back and put messy stitches on the back to have the grunged People are People look.

i've been nagging my mom to buy an electric sewing machine since she knows how to sew and has a lot of ideas. if we get one, then she can make our own clothes and i'll print on them! money = saved. then if we can cater to other clothing orders, well, niiiice. money = mine!!!

okay, speaking of shirts. i have a few ideas in mind-- well, not in mind, in soft-copy --that i would like to have for myself. i did drafts in photoshop and perhaps if i can get the new blank screens i need then i can start preparing the patterns and make them.

it says I'M NOT BORED. but the "i'm not" should be really small and yellow. that one's intentional.

this i made during one really good day.

just an idea for an advocacy project. but it's not feasible because it will definitely cost a lot. so anyway, for it's sake, please, do SAVE TREES and ALWAYS RECYCLE!

last. i just wanted a big-eyed girl with luscious lips on my shirt.

well, well, well... it's 6 days before Christmas, 11 days 'til i'm 19, and 13 days till 2007! (did i count correctly? whatever) did you have a good year? i sure did! excited for the next? hell, yeah!

i even made my own 2007 calendar inspired by the song Seasons of Love. the image is too small but the real thing was printed on an A3 poster paper and rests in my room, waiting to be used.

want one? drop a line! ^_^ (i accept cash, check, or anything edible) lol.

oh. i already have my 2nd term grades and as expected, i didn't make it to the 3.4-GPA cut for the 1st honors DL. pero DL parin and that's a relief! 3.5 sa lahat except physics (2.5) pero that's sooo better than my projected grade! i thought i would get 1 in physics and 3 for matrix theory and theory of interest so now i'm super thankful that my profs gave me more. nakabawi pala ako sa finals dun. my stathe performance disappointed me a bit, though. 88 lang finals so yeah, asa pa sa 4.0.

sometimes it's good to be contented. good for yourself, that is. good for mood. but for me, i'd rather be pressured. through the years i've realized that i do better when i start hating myself for not trying to be my best. and i'm hating myself now for Stat kasi mababa finals ko when i could've read the instructions more carefully and would've seen the need to include the cummulative distribution functions in my answers! (huhu nasa scratch paper ko lang eh...) that's a lot of deductions. crap. too late...and what college students always say: bawi next term!

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