Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Sizzlin 2007 to ALL!!!

my gawd, this blog has been so dead this break. for some irritating reason, our dsl decided to go suhloooooowwww. and when it finally returned to its normal surfing speed, i can't connect to blogger! oh well, i missed blogging.

Dec. 30, 2006. my 19th burtdey. we got home from an overnight in tagaytay before lunch and what was supposed to be a simple pigging out with my family turned out to be one purfect day. there was a big card in my bedroom door with instructions to open the card after opening the door. so...suprise, surprise!

thank you, enzo! syet, ang tanda ko na.

new skins. while i was far from being an active blogger, i entertained myself with making 3 more skins which i submitted for others' use.

the last one's the hardest, believe me. that's the first layout i made using line art and then coloring and shading. it took me almost 6 hours to do the image alone. i need to practice this method more.

room sweet room. yey! finally, i can sleep in my room alone, now that it's clean enough to be inhabited. yes, i do not sleep in my room. haha loser. we're just trying to save up on energy(aircon) so my brother and i sleep in one room. now that i've decided to go solo, i'd have to settle with an electric fan. oh well.

virus. friggin cough and colds. i need more vitamin C!

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