Monday, December 04, 2006

i dare you...

harsh day, mentally, with three quizzes that require analytical patience. take it from vinci. he has pretty much ranted about it in his blog.

my mom wasn't as patient as i had expected when i tried teaching her how to use photoshop. i'm not sure if my explanations were effective, seeing how she donned the things-weren't-this-complicated-during-my-time look when i started talking about layers and opacities. oh well.

while studying last night and going online at the same time, enzo amused me with his
super corny hirits:
_ _ _
enzo: uy..baka kelangan natin magpapicture
rach: wrong send
enzo: d a..
rach: huh?
enzo: sayu yan
rach: for what?
enzo: para madevelop tayo
rach: amfuts
rach: hahahahha
_ _ _
enzo: pinaglihi ka ba sa keyboard?
rach: indi, bkt?
enzo: kc type kita
_ _ _
enzo: sa tae pinaglihi ka?
rach: baket?
enzo: d kc kita mapigilan?
rach: waaah
_ _ _
enzo: bka sa flinstones may relasyon ka?
rach: ?
enzo: coz..u make my bed-rock
enzo: nyek!
_ _ _
that simply made my day. hahah!

[warning: malicious content]
here are some GIFs that i've stored in my good old nokia that you might find disturbing, but i'll post them anyway. hihi.

sagwa ba? haha
_ _ _

what's with the food these days? or perhaps lifestyle? tita Susana Pichay, my vocal coach and a professional singer before Cory's days, told me how small her waistline was before she got pregnant. my mom's also used to be only 23. hmm who of my stat profs, plus more middle-aged women i know whom i wouldn't have imagined to be sexy back then, but were. now, but now! eto ako nagpapakahirap mag-gym! haha! but really, i think it has something to do with the food. (ayaw pa talaga tanggapin eh no?) i mean, there are more junk foods these days. more hotdogs. more fast food chains. more money! i need to live in a world with less temptations.
_ _ _

marco surprised me with some questions just now:

marco: oi
rach: oi
marco: bat d mo na kasama si enzo sa mga pic?
marco: status ba
marco: pati puro emo

oookaaay...eto pa:

marco: sino na ba bagong lalaki mo

parang ewan. haha!
_ _ _

btw, here's a new layout! inspired by the well-thought, moving, and perhaps the best episode of one tree hill so far: Some You Give Away. move like today never happened before.

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