Friday, December 15, 2006

well hello, Christmas!

alas, the week is OVER. no more late-night theorem-analyses. pathetic. so, updates on the happenings in my uber ordinary life:

xmas parties, xmas dinners, and more xmas meals. it has no end. i thought after finals i'd get to lay off on sweets but noooo, ang daming temptations. Rotary Club of Las Pinas had its xmas party last night and my parents dragged me with them. really, really good food. and not surprisingly, my dad volunteered me to sing a number. i actually brought a minus 1 cassette tape (as instructed by my mom) but apparently, these days' sound systems don't have such "old school" tape decks. i just sang "If I Believe" by Patti Austin from the videoke equipment provided.

Schedule for the week
Dec 15: Batch Assembly Christmas dinner
Dec 16: debut
Dec 17: Gawad Kalinga in the morning, Christening in the afternoon, debut at night.
Dec 19: aaack!!! Course Card day!!!
Dec 20: please...gym day na sana to....
Dec 21: Christmas dinner with Sr-C. when and where, we don't know yet.

geek quote. kuya norman forwarded this message, which i found quite funny...
"we are on the same plane... but sadly, we would never meet" -parallel lines. o di ba? pwede mag emote sa math! =D

...and which i forwarded to sam and got this yet-again-geeky reply:

sam: sa non-eucledian math, pwede mag-meet ang parallel lines.

to no surprise, i don't friggin know that.

finals. well, it's a good thing that compared to our quizzes, the final exams were a bit easier.

one tree hill 4 epi 10. yey! my download's done just now! nood muna ko...

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