Wednesday, December 26, 2007

7 things.. at nabuhay nang muli

*from camz


1) dogs.
2) makakita ng multo KAPAG mag-isa. pag may kasama okay na
3) 0.0 sa course card.. syet.
4) Wala..
5) Na..
6) Akong..
7) Maisip. Tigas `to. hahah!


1) Friends and family
2) unlimited and fast internet access
3) full-body massage...
4) chocolates!
5) printing on shirts
6) sewing/ reconstructing my clothes
7) singing


1) laptop
2) box with memorable stuff
3) clothes
4) feather pillow from enzo
5) my schoolbag (with my wallet, notes, handouts, calcu, phone, etc)
6) aircon!
7) shirt-printing equipment


1) loves to be on the stage
2) game to try exotic foods
3) loves heights
4) on a boring day, i'd rather sew
5) will give up my laptop to learn French.
6) i'm part of the choir
7) muntik na mamatay tong blog if not for this Tag


1) Eurotrip!
2) learn French
3) earn millions
4) have a family..a good one.
5) sumexy!!!
6) skydive. after achieving #3
7) hook up with a total stranger. joke lang. /gg


1) sing (at mag-feeling singer sa stage)
2) print shirts
3) sew
4) play the piano
5) play badminton
6) swim
7) change layouts of blogs/sites


1) kill anybody.
2) matulog (on a regular day) within 15mins of the sleep attempt
3) Do drugs.. or not. joke. yoko tlga.
4) be mad at anyone for a whole week
5) stop being chismosa. (guilty)
6) stay 100% alert for the whole duration of ANY lecture
7) forget my birthday


1) mas maitim sakin
2) hindi super pretty boy (baka mas mukha pa kong lalaki sa kanya)
3) can play the guitar
4) good posture (mukang confident)
5) deep voice
6) astig na sense of humor
7) gentleman na mejo may angas factor
(sorry enz wla ka dito, pero labs parin kita ^_^)


1) tae
2) g*gu
3) oi
4) "ganun..hehe" (di ko napapansin to, sabi lng ni zo)
5) seryoso?
6) amfness
7) syet ka

1) Vinci
2) James
3) Rap
4) Sam
5) Karyl
6) Anj
7) Yammy

Thursday, August 16, 2007

been lurking somewhere else..

So what's up? Well, considering the fact that we don't have classes--again--and our quizzes were postponed and we only have 2 final exams next week and LA work's a bit delayed for next term, call me free!!! For now, at least. With that, I had a few memorable hours with my newly-fixed sewing machine. Welcome to my new hobby! It pretty much goes hand in hand with t-shirt printing, so it's all the more addicting. I'll post pictures next time. ^_^

Monday, July 16, 2007

Not a passenger

Have you been to batch reunions? We went to my dad's civil engineers' reunion yesterday and although I didn't know anyone and there really wasn't much to do, watching old friends catching up with each others' lives was actually quite fun...and scary.

Years from now, it's us who'll be having our own reunions. What stories will I be telling? Where have I traveled? Will I actually go to the reunion or be too embarrassed to show up if I'm not successful enough by that time? Or maybe, those are not the questions that would matter. Will I have a good life?

Friday, July 13, 2007

middle of my frustrated fears

Who ever thought French profs can make you reminisce about high school? During French class earlier, after answering her correctly, Madame Berdardino asked me:

B: Did you ever take up French before?
Proud Me: Yes, in high school.
B: I see..
(then after hearing someone else ask me if I was from Zobel)
B: Ah you're from Zobel? Do you know Madame Nenette Brenner?
M: Oh my God, you know her?!

I guess that's how acquainted French-speaking Pinays are.

_ _ _

"So many things to do, so little time." The overused words cannot be more apt to how I'm feeling now. I want to try out so many things--more than my tired body can handle. Most of the days since I'm-not-sure-when, I have my thoughts on boxing. Or gloveless punching. Or anything similar to jabbing onto something hard. Like a wall. Yes, a concrete wall.

And that's how I suddenly forgot about trying out new things. 'Coz here's another side of it.

Two days ago, quite insanely, I hit the wall and got a bad bruise on my knuckles. I forgot why I did, but most of the time that I feel like hurting my hand, it's because I'm keeping myself from saying something that'd disturb my peaceful conversations with people.

Okay, enough of drama. Je me sens fatigue. A bientot.. (I'm tired. See you soon..)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

on reco letters and my not-so-good history

i should be writing my brother a recollection letter now, but something came up. as i was looking for a nice envelope to use, i saw and read through past reco letters from my classmates in zobel. grade school until high. and here is one particular letter that bothered me:
Dear Rachel,
Hapi Reco...kung pwede lang talaga, pls. TAMA NA. Minsan lang talaga naiisip ko, bakit lang ako nandito sa mundo e kung mga tao sa paligid ko thinks I'm a big joke? Last year, last, last year...Paulit ulit na lang! Kung pwede lang, kasi, feel ko di na ko nabubuhay ng maayos kasi pinagtatawanan na rin ako...Pero, sometimes, nafoforgive na kita. Like nung ginawa nyo nung Saturday. But it hurts me pag inuulit ulit kasi nararamdaman ko talaga na joke lang talaga ako. So pls. Please. Stop. Please lang talaga. I still consider you as a friend. Nalaman ko na pwede pala kita maging friend nung 1st Quarter. So alam ko, you could be a friend. Thank you. At least, na OK pa tayo mag-usap. Happy Reco and God Bless...

there. i'd rather not write who it's from. this one's from grade school days.. and.. well.. was i that mean?! shoot.

i've forever been a small girl. and i once was a small girl and a bully at the same time, but not that i regret it 100%. frankly, it's a bit of a relief to know that i wasn't at the losing end. still, it's not something to be proud of. and for that, i am truly sorry.. so to you: i hope you could read this, that is, if you still remember what you wrote me.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

while i'm at it

is it me, or has blogging become so tiring? well, considering the fact that all the other bloggers are still religiously updating theirs, yeah, i guess it's just me and my love for going all horizontal lately. i just want to get as much rest as i could these days, thanks to the stressful Student Council life. anyhow, to more or less sum up what i've been up to these past few weeks...

19th Young Hoteliers' Exposition. here's to my very responsible and passionate fafichef! err, i'm so proud a momma.

i just got home from my second visit to World Trade Center where they're holding the YHE events with Mafbex and am really stuffed with all the food for free tasting! *drool*

Green & White. 5 more terms and we are graduating..and we should, so we better make it good. speaking of, we(most of my friends) already worked on our Green & White requirements for the yearbook. yep, as early as now. and who best to do my 80-words-max write up than sam? here's what she did (i edited some parts and included elcid's contribution):
From afar, one sees a girl giving a myriad of facial expressions coupled with similarly bizarre actions, giving people huddled around her a good time. Up close, it isn’t so different. Some people would probably find difficulty reconciling this voluptuous, effervescent, goofy person with an intelligent, street-savvy one-heck-of-a-girl. This lady, who harnesses a gift for numbers and music, can do some serious ass-kicking in legislation. More than tables, means and probabilities, she’s a friend to be kept and treasured forever.

French class. i should be taking up European Studies since i find myself looking forward to 2:30pm(French) every MWF. although some people are more blessed with linguistic skills, probably my passion would pay off in time. and when i go to Paris... i'll stop now. that's a loooong way to go..

Actuarial Exams. now this is what i should be focusing on. i'm dismissing my hopes of taking the Probability exam come August. it's just too soon. and the next batch is in november, which seems like a better month. but from now on, i'll try to devote at least 2 hours a week studying for it, even if i would tend to repeat several theorems. at least they would stick to my brain cells, much like how the multiplication table is integrated in our systems. my hopes of travelling to europe depend on these exams...

goodbye DSL, hello SmartBro! i hope it's a good decision..but we had no choice. a little cost-cutting is needed. :p

Monday, June 04, 2007

je parle un peu francais

and oui, i am getting the hang of french! not that much, though. but at least i kinda get the grammar, thanks to my "French: Step by Step" book. and joy was right about having a prof who speaks in pure french. we're actually learning to understand her faster and, well, get other resources like what i did. C'est tres interessant!

i think i lost some brain cells. i've become quite slow this week--in terms of daily routines. the dreamy feeling lessened by friday, good thing, but i still had to touch the bowl everytime i pee..just to see if i'm really in the comfort room. but what's weird is that i'm surprisingly more interested in listening to our profs. so i guess i'm not slow academically since so far, all the stat concepts still make sense.

here's jerick with the ever famous and mysterious McDo icon:

grimace is sooo cute!
and speaking of my brother, i envy his art skills. he did this thing with MS Paint:

we are nuts about Titanic! without knowledge in making instant boxes and shapes,he did it pixel by pixel, zoomed in. amazing!

enzo can be quite mean.. he told me not to post this, but i will anyway..
(over the phone)
me: zo, may papakita dapat ako sayong picture pero hulaan mo nalang kung sino to: naging malapit sayo nung 3rd or 4th year, maitim. tight kayo, partners nga eh.
enzo: si mars?
me: naging close pala kayo nun?
enzo: indi, pero maitim sya..
foul!! i was referring to javier labrador, his badminton partner.

oh but thank youuu, fafi, for this!

that's a bag, btw. the garments are not included. heehee!

lastly, i was tagged by camz and to lengthen this post to make up for my absence in blogosphere, i shall answer it.^_^

Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about him/her. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. When i get constipated, i do this weird sound--a habit that became a part of me since i learned to talk--and all the shit just go to where they should be.

2. I used to read Lihim na Liham. Now, if you know what that is, shut up. lol.

3. Almost always, i dream of the last thing i think about before i go to sleep. so more or less, i can sometimes control what i dream about.

4. Kenny Rogers muffins are gooood when mashed with gravy. at least better than their mashed potatoes.

5. Okay this is gross. don't you like the smell of your fart? coz i do.

6. i love eating goats! caldereta.. *drool*

I'm tagging:

vinci, migo, sam, and james