Sunday, May 13, 2007

while my butt hurts

aside from visiting the hospital again, this has been a pretty normal day. quite boring, if you ask me. that's why i ended up reading Entrepreneur magazine and found a few ways to earn extra money. kewl. i hope the idea won't escape me. for that, i'm thinking of learning how to sing jazz.. hmm..

there, Just Friends just ended in Star Movies and i can finally concentrate on blogging. i think the movie can give you a good laugh, especially Anna Faris' character, but the "love story" is too superficial: size-ist and definitely not inspiring.

anticipation is eating me!!! i'm excited for the 5th movie too, even though i'm not that much of a fan of book 5. but i want to see Dumbledore's Army at work and the fact that Daniel Radcliffe's bod is now KABOOM!

i think i need to read books 5 and 6 again. those are the two that i haven't repeated ever and some facts were quite forgettable. except the deaths and duels. i need to brush up on some of the names at least.

i've been tagged by vinci:

1. Write about how much addicted u are towards something.
2. Don't forget to include the percentage of 'addictedness' towards that thing.
3. All with one condition > the total of percentage must reach 100%
4. You MUST tag others and continue tagging but plz dont forget to explain the rulez and plz notify that person so that they know they had been tagged.

1. I am addicted to MAKING LAYOUTS - 20%
- i can spend HOURS doing skins and then submitting them to blogskins. not that i'm that artistic, i just enjoy doing it.

2. I am addicted to ONE TREE HILL - 20 %
- the point that i watched the whole of season 3 and episodes 1-17 of season 4 in youtube. yes.. with an average of 5 partitions per episode. tyaga, man.

3. I am addicted to WORKING OUT - 10 %
- for this summer, at least. i really really REALLY want to weigh 102 lbs before school starts on May 23.

4. I am addicted to CHEESECAKE - 10 %
- ahuh, although it contradicts my addiction #3. big NO-NO, but it's just sooo good.

5. I am addicted to HEROES - 5 %
- i've yet to watch episode 19... bitin.

6. I am addicted to SHIRT-PRINTING and ALTERING - 25 %
- frustrated artist talaga. it's a good thing that with shirt-printing and altering, i don't need much of the art skills. just creativity and patience while doing stencils and preparing photo-emulsion screens. plus i love wearing the shirts i make since they fit well from my alterations.

7. I am addicted to LOOKING FOR WAYS TO MAKE MONEY - 10 %
- i want to earn my first million by age 25.

Total Addiction Percentage: 100%

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oh, before i forget!
happy mothers' day to all your mums! wag na maging sakit ng ulo! ^_^

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