Friday, May 11, 2007

be good while you can

money never became an issue..until now. things are not going well, especially for my dadilolo. i visited San Juan de Dios hospital, but i didn't even see him. apparently, visiting time for patients in ICU is not until 6 in the evening. he still can't talk after a nerve in his brain sort-of..tore? popped? whatever. he's not ok and we're continually praying for him. i've never lost a close relative and i'm not planning to start now.

he collapsed in harrison plaza. whatever the hell he was doing there, i don't know, but he was believed to be blessed to have a stranger bring him to the hospital. not a cent lost, to think he was carrying a lot of dollars and credit cards at that time. none of us even got the chance to thank that person. he --or she-- left the hospital before my mom and lola arrived. well at least we know good people are still around. and that was in harrison plaza, where 50 bucks can get a pervert his *insert adjective here* oral pleasure!!

anyway, to keep things light, i made another shirt! look at the picture..isn't it obvious? ^_^

the background's photoshopped. and ooohh, i look like i have short hair!

speaking of my hair, my mom said i could get it colored. finally! dark blue, perhaps. it would still look black, but a little different. and then i would begin to look like Sapphones, my lovely priestess in Ragnarok. hihi! yey!

i havta make 2 more shirts now... so bye!

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