Monday, May 07, 2007

weirded out and rule crazy

freakin weird.

i was having dinner with my mom when ate bekbek, whom she asked to buy her tablets for her pimples, showed her the contraceptive pills she bought.

mom: hala pang-pimples ba to?
ate bekbek: yan po yung binigay nyong pangalan
mom: e sabi sa TV eh. nako sainyo nalang to!
ate bekbek: ay ate di po kami gumagamit nyan
mom: ako rin! sa 9 na taon di ako gumamit nyan. withrawal lang at rhythm! bumibilang ako no.

- - -

jaywalkers. i hate them. i always keep from cursing pag may super kulit na mga taong tumatawid just below the overpass. waste of cement and electricity. yes, electricity, since there are overpasses here in Las Pinas with escalators. cool, yeah, but useless. they should let jaywalkers pay! (feeling good citizen of the Philippines ko ba? hehe! but these rules are too simple not to follow.)

i gotta go watch Heroes now! vinci was right about me getting hooked.

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