Saturday, May 05, 2007

sweaty, with the fan just beside me. grr

palawan was great, though we only spent one day sa beach. still, i love the crocs, falls, the underground river, plus free billiards in the resort. i need more of this kind of relaxation! (more pics in my multiply)

behold the entrance to the underground river..

somehow, i can't go to places like this without at least holding one of their babies. i once held a wild cat in singapore and a snake in tagaytay!

ay iba na to. tsktsk!

but next summer? i'd rather go to bora kahit gasgas na. hold on, wala pala kong mapupuntahan next summer! OJT! crap. kelangan sulitin ang vacant days before the 23rd (first day of classes).

i watched Spiderman 3 with enzo two days ago. although i'm not a blogger who usually rants about the movies i watch or who's skilled to give critiques, i can say i'm not a fan of how emotional the movie was. really, too emotional for spidey. but what the hell, harry is too hot!!! [spoiler] it's a pity he died and scarred half of his face.

the gym's been my daily stop for 3 days now! (dapat lang). it's been costing my mom too much and i don't really get to maximize it. she's actually planning to transfer me to Slimmers' World, which offers a lifetime plan. but before she does, i'mma make the most out of my membership. veggies, i love you now! ^_^

missing you already...

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