Wednesday, May 23, 2007

tiiiring first day

of classes, yes. we're such losers that we start classes in May. and forget going to the gym today, at least we used the stairs to go up the Andrew building's 11th floor this morning. precious calories lost..wee!

if French class will keep on being like a game of charades as it did this afternoon, i'd regret paying for about 5k for that extra class. i don't need French, really. i just took it as an audit course for additional knowledge, meaning i need not go to my classes, take tests, nor will i get a grade for it. the prof was nice, except that the only English word she used earlier was "okay." and that's assuming all of us know nothing about the language. thanks to sir friedel, i learned "vous pouvez repeter sil vous plait" back in zobel. i don't even know if the spelling's correct but heck, i understood my prof when she said that earlier! anyway, i just hope she'll speak in English once in a while to at least make us understand what French sentences she'll be saying. i just want to have something to look forward to every MWF.

SC work. that's what's been keeping me busy. tomorrow at 9:30, we'll be setting up a freedom board as part of our advocacy against having venue rental fees for all academic sectors in dlsu. not that our manifesto against it will completely remove the fees, i just hope the administration will consider it. these fees would greatly affect batch units in the implementation of their activities..tsktsk.

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