Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"It's OK..."

not everything is right. sometimes, we hate ourselves for what we do or think or feel. but then i've come to realize the normality of some things and that we respond to situations based on different ideologies. for this, i say it's okay to...

- expect. we are not bound to be surprised every time. anticipation may sometimes lead to frustration, but to expect is like setting a goal that may cause you to be more ambitious--in a good way.

- cry over grades that are short of being excellent. be it 0.07 points from being in the Dean's List or even graduating magna cum laude instead of summa, it's normal to feel bad. makes you always want to do better next time or through other means; it makes you always want to be your best.

- not say you love someone..(NOTE: not all the time!) although this may lead to hundreds of "what ifs," keeping your feelings to yourself may gauge the sincerity of the other person. i wouldn't suggest this, but i'm saying it's okay sometimes.

- be vain. loving the way you look is like appreciating what God has given you. wellthat's giving vanity a whole new look! [Disclaimer: i'm not vain.]

- punch the wall when you're mad. if it'd make you feel good then go ahead! just be ready with some ice and a forgiving heart.

i would like to stress that these are purely based on my personal thoughts and experience. being a non-professional nobody, i wouldn't know if these would apply to you. more to come next time.. xiao.

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