Wednesday, January 10, 2007

blogging when i should've been doin hw

to migo, who's viewing this entry from multiply: i couldn't reply to your comment for some dsl connection reason, but the idea of the "blood diamond" part of my previous post actually came from your entry. your review made me want to watch it, really.^_^

wee! thanks to james' screwed up priorities, he's taking StatPac this term instead of last year and our lifeco1 will be moved to 9:40am due overlapping schedules. no more 8am classes!

floating subjects=crap. i'm pretty sure that chem and kaspil2 will be the most demanding and time consuming subjects this term, after hearing what friends and upperclassmen had to say about our profs. geez. on the other hand, i feel like i'll enjoy lifeco1 (life contingencies). the subject's about the probability of death. yes, dying. hmm, this should be interesting...

breaking news: my room is still clean and everything's still in order! yey! it lasted a week! and i'm proud to say that i'm trying real had to be organized this year. to aid me with this resolution, mom gave me the 2007 starbucks planner. hihi! syempre feel na feel ko magsulat.

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