Wednesday, January 31, 2007

enjoying an hour for myself

craazzy, crazy weeks. everything piled up and stole my right to good sleep.
i don't even get to watch american idol anymore! *sigh* but my weekend was great: 2 surprise parties for enzo!

saturday: with his yhe(block)mates

there. i sang "for all of my life." ^_^
thanks for the pic, joy!

if not for sir ele(enzo's prof), i wouldn't have been able to go inside akic. he told the security people i was from PAASCU and they apologized for not letting me in right away. lol.

sunday: with me, fongga, pia, buddy, and the cantimbuhans..
at his house in merville

omg, looovve the food! (pic from rap)

sr-c reps - (rap, marco, and jeg). naglilibot ata.
and here's a poster i made for him:

i heart you.

on koreanovelas: never, never have i thought i would get hooked. rawr! but my mom's case is worse. princess hours marathon until 4am. lol. ako my girl lang. geez. like i said in my ym status yesterday, "hindi ako mahilig sa singkit, pero bakit ang pogi mo??" was refering to Lee Dong-Wook.

jologs. that's what i am. here's what distracts me from work every night at 9:30pm:

gawd. buti kamukha ni zo si gerald!

lamang lang si pbb dude ng onti..hahahah!

frustrated artist. i made the layout for the website of Lami 2106 Inc. click here to view--> Inca's Papas

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