Sunday, January 07, 2007

old flame

i remember migo saying that The Aviator bored him to the point of leaving the movie house. or was it rap? anyway, the movie didn't have the same effect on me. it's leonardo dicaprio, for crying out loud! i used to worship him.

geez. thanks to watching it, i searched for leo pics again and AGAIN read his movie synopses.

just before starting this post, i chanced on a feature on National Geographic of the movies Titanic and The Abyss. both by james cameron. remember leo's dying scene in titanic? apparently, that wasn't very plausible--he still lasted a few minutes before submitting to hypothermia and was even able to talk.

i've yet to watch the abyss even if it was an earlier movie. hmm..cryogenics and breathing liquids can definitely get my interest.

enough of science, oh my gawd.

it's fun to do icons. i did three last night (see the start of this entry). i'll be posting icons from time to time when i've nothing to do. but that wouldn't be in a while, since tomorrow, we're back to prison. school's back and i need to fix my sched and find time for my other non-school-related activities, aka gym and voice lessons.

back to leo.. i wanna watch Blood Diamond!!! i've heard very good feedbacks about it at kahit gurang na at dirty-looking at may Bar Refaeli na si leo darlin, old flame ko parin yun. hahahah!


belated happy birthday, kyle! and thank you last fri. we had fun sa katips. malas, i brought my cam but forgot to charge it. eng-eng.

happy birthday, joanna! free lunch daw sa buong block sa monday. joke lang. hehe. ^_^

amazing race. not amazing race asia, or anything on TV. i set up clues around the house for jerick and included tasks like solving multiplication and other academic questions. lo and behold, he didn't complain! see? tactics. the final clue led to a 20-Peso bill and a promise to buy him a cheap toy tomorrow. wrong move, i shouldn't have included the promise. i have 200 bucks with me. maybe less.

new layout! it's pretty simple, just did some brushwork and put in pastels. quite girly, really.

Ace Water Spa. no, haven't been there, but i want to! maybe you've heard about it and i'm late on the buzz. i saw it being featured in Kay Susan Tayo while i was on the bus this morning. then of course i looked it up online and it seemed (haaay) relaxing just seeing the pictures. think water jets and therapeutic pools and bubble massages..herbal pools. oh my gawd. fyi: it's located at 399 del monte ave, san francisco del monte, near corner Banawe St., QC. Tel. numbers 3678040-41. and oh! 4 hours worth of using all services is P480 for adults. actually, it's quite okay kung KKB. hehe! no food allowed.

that's it for now, xiao!

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