Tuesday, January 16, 2007

LSS: do you have to let it linger?

wee, free time! finally. it's hard to acquire such a luxury these days. and my gym time is suffering! gawd.

rnp (rules and policies) committee had a pretty light-hearted working session last week. we were working on the council of university representatives (CURE) manual and leah just started a really corny joke that alice and i, both from COS, couldn't understand. so it's back to college-bashing. COS versus them non-science-lovers. they're mean. >:)

- - -
leah: ano apelyido ni denzel?
us: ano?
leah: zulueta.
(this was the one i didn't get. see? baduy naman talaga eh. lol)
- - -
al: ano first name ni nemo?
us: hmm..?
al: sarah gero!
(yey gets ko na to!)
- - -
and so i went on with my classic "magic baston" joke. but i can't tell it here--too explicit and it requires some hand action. (*naughty grin*) benta naman sa kanila eh. mga bastos eh.
- - -
meg: siguro naman kilala nyo yung moffatts? (hindi na 'to joke)
leah: huh?
me: moffatts! yung (*singing*)"mmm bop, ba duba dop.."
them: (*laugh*)
(eng eng! hanson nga pala un)

ugh, choco fondue + salmon + mix of red and white pasta sauce + etc. = test of dietary discipline (@ nina's debut). they had very delectable food choices. oh, not choices, since i didn't choose what to eat. i ate a bit of everything! grr. but the really kewl thing about that night was sharing the table with my badminton teammates. i missed them!!!

we went to tagaytay again last saturday, but with new company. i met mom's highschool barkada and got to mingle with their kids. which brings me to thinking, will my hs friends ever go out of town in 10, 20 years from now? dapat!!

i uploaded another skin with an image that i (*ehem*) drew myself. those who know how i draw people will know i really did it:

well, the frustrated artist (a.k.a. me) didn't stop with layouts. i did my first brushset and put it in my deviant account (click the image below to go to my deviant page and download):

surprisingly, the agham celebration general assembly was fun because
~ i won P3000 from FOCUS 04's raffle project!
~ jologs as i may be called, i'm proud to admit that i know, not watched, recuerdo de amor and got my 15 seconds of fame in the charades.
~ sir mel was, as always, inspiring. perhaps the kewlest vice dean ever!
~ free food! need i say more?

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