Wednesday, February 07, 2007

complaints, and more complaints

to hell with back pains. urgh. all thanks to walking around the mall for 3 hours to look for something to wear for our show, trying to sit up straight in the SJ tables while having a meeting with the COS LAs, and then flumping onto the bus seat with contours that are not meant for human relaxation.

Focus 2005 got *sigh* eliminated for LSAL's women's basketball last thursday. but at least we reached the quarter(or semi?)finals. oh, that day was fuun. we were dismissed at 12:20 so i was able to work out in the gym for about 3.5 hours...then back to school for the special LA session... then went to sports complex to cheer for our batch's team. there were 5 players originally. i became the 6th and changed back into my sweaty gym attire. pathetic. kalahati ata score namin sa BNE 08. but the burnt calories were worth it!

Life Contigency test this morning. oh my gawd. i'm down 15 points automatic. for the 3rd time, i was mentally-blocked with completing tables. yung mga madaling gawin pero nalimutan yung formula.. so patay. nada points for me. and it's a major subject. geez.

i'm kinda regretting i took up BS-STAT. nasilaw nga ata ako sa pera. malaki daw kita sa actuarial science eh. haay.. statistics is not something i really enjoy kahit mejo mataas naman mga stat subjects ko. i mean, i love probabilities but as of now, i can't seem to see myself computing for the rest of my life. oh well, shifting is out of the question. let's see where Gauss' spirit will take me.

we had a meeting earlier and after the discussion, chichi time:
gwen: mga math and stat majors kayo, edi wala kayong lab subjects..baduy!
me: meron ah! sa computer lab. numerical analysis. using excel...

hmm.. come to think of it. we ARE boring people.

"certainly the Lord will guide me where i need to go.."

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