Saturday, November 11, 2006

na parang di na tayo bibitaw

what's up with our dsl? good thing i am now connected to the wonderful world of web. for 2 days i felt apart from everything..w/o ym. huhu. last thursday, i was planning to have another online group study with my blockmates for our physics quiz. come friday, the test was a bit easier than the first, but still unsatisfying. Dr. Palisoc certainly has a knack for making things more difficult than they really are. hmph.

i got home quite late last night. geli, camille, ivy, kb, joy, and i went to mall of asia and had dinner at Sbarro and temptation won over me. half a slice of cheese pizza was irresistable. i gave the other half to joy and her "friend," joshua. after dinner and a little strolling, we headed to Hotel Philippine Plaza. it's the former Westin. ivy said the management's changed. that's sad.. a lotta mems there, but i'd rather not mention them. sa private blog nalang. ^_^

so yun, coffee coffee lang and acting like typical socialites--which we are not--then lumabas din ang tunay na mga kulay: we sorta played with the hammock and joy's camera. feeling FHM na naman ako. welcome back, Aleck Bovick! harharhar. pictures to follow...

kb had another kb moment back in MOA. while strutting herself with no care in world, nagpapansin ang kanyang heeled sandals. tsktsk. thank geli's mom for her safety pin or kb would've spent over a hundred for another pair of footwear.

3 hours in the gym is time well spent. i need to burn that taste of Sbarro. rawr!

i'm missing someone when i shouldn't. grr.

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