Sunday, November 05, 2006

back to blogger

after 3 livejournal entries, i've decided to move back to blogspot. i'm more comfortable with free html-ing here. it's enough that i've learned to change my LJ layout.

anyway, here's a new simple look for my page. can't get enough of blue... ^_^

in a while magtutuos na kami ng stat theory at physics. i want to maintain my stat standing and need to pass physics. 35/100... nampuchang score yan. i envy my blockmates who dropped phyfun2 because of the prof. nice move.

last friday, i was standing in line (to see the show tonight and there's a light on heavy glow...joke lang) and waiting to get Liselle's notes photocopied. i paid the xerox lady P100 and was told that she didn't have any change. fortunately, the good-hearted guy next to me offered to give me 20's for my 100.

then i looked at him.


si Sir Friedel! -(4th year french teacher) but i don't think he knows/remembers me. T_T he said he's teaching French and computer in DLSU and CSB. sabi na gusto nya lang malapit sakin. we had a history, mind. nyay joke lang. it was like seeing claudio valdes, only with more hair and a bit older. heehee.

i was in church this morning and even joined the choir. after the mass my little devlish horns sprouted again-- maude (my choirmate) and i took a pack of ostyas (the thin circular wafers used for communion). feel naman namin hindi na gagamitin eh. baka tira na. sana... i munched on half of my share on the bus ride home. tsktsk.

errr...aral na muna ko. i should be in Bulacan now, fishing, but i told my mom i need to study. so sayonara.. ^_^

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