Tuesday, November 07, 2006

in need of divine intervention

seriously. cramming has taken it's toll on me. i shouldn't be writing in my blog right now. i should be practicing how to get the resistivity of copper! after hours of reading through liselle's photocopied notes, i am ready to hit the bed. hihi! pero nakakatakot humiga, coz for sure mawawala antok ko once i get a comfortable position. that's how it always is. habang nag-aaral, onting higa lang nakakatulog agad. but when it's finally time to visit dreamland..amfness happens. kaya nagblog muna aku..

it's 11:30pm.. havta wake up at..6? leave by 6:30 to get to school in time for another--ack!--meeting at 7:30am. baket ang agaaa?!?! 6:30pm pala may meeting uli. until about 8:30. 8 nalang, sige. so that's more than 12 hours in school...yak. havta wear comfortable shoes.

Keep in mind, rach. You can do it:
1. Kirchhoff's Current Rule (KCR)
a. incoming current: add
b. outgoing current: subtract
2. Kirchhoff's Voltage Rule (KVR)
a. Seat of emf
a.1 from (-) to (+): add
a.2 from (+) to (-): subtract
b. Resistive elements
b.1 against the current: add IRs
b.2 with current: subtract IRs

bangag na nga ko. the morning meeting will end at 9am.. i can study until 10:30. haay. tama na. babay. nyt, y'all

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