Thursday, November 30, 2006

isang makulimlim na Huwebes

i hope to hell there wouldn't be electrical problems when the typhoon comes. another Milenyo is too much for any of us to handle.
_ _ _

bitttiiiinnn!!! one tree hill season 4 definitely won over my plans to study theoint last night... i've only downloaded until the 8th episode from youtube and settled with the flv player.. no worries, basta OTH. rawr! james lafferty is too damn hoooottt!!!
_ _ _

contrary to what i had hoped, i didn't get "tanned" enough when the SC went to La Luz, Batangas last weekend. but it was fun and though i risked my physics test and chose the beach, i've no regrets. (pictures in my multiply)

masarap pala ang Orgy? hehe.

we had to walk through this dark path to get there... at 1 am.

_ _ _

before i forget, here's another of sam's unconsciously-said geeky lines:

(during one Theory of Interest class when we were asked to solve for a certain problem and sam realized she got it wrong)
sam: rach, mali ako... aww, kawawa ka naman...
me: sinong kawawa? ako?
sam: yung solution ko...di na s'ya magagamit..
me: you're talking to your solution?
_ _ _

some people just don't have any care in the world. they do whatever they want. jologs. proof?

vandalisms. deeds of them senseless, bored, and idiotic commuters. i took the pictures while on a Tas Trans bus with vinci, sam, and joanna. if the photos aren't clear: the left one said "kantutan very good," while the other, "Tropang Britney Spears." wala lang. amfness.
_ _ _

may God help me study for finals. all my subjects this term are either theory-based or require solving and thus, are all time-demanding.

Dec. 11: Calculus and Matrix Theory
Dec. 12: Theory of Interest and Stat Theory
Dec. 13: Physics 2

bestow me with cramming skills..

Current Tune: How to Save a Life - The Fray

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