Wednesday, May 04, 2005

too broad for a title. =D

mean girlshehe...i just finished watching "mean girls".(wahehe ngyon lang...) borrowed the dvd from enzo coz there's really nothing to do here!! hmm...the movie's okay but i can't really relate to it. masyadong maaarte mga tao, my golay! well what do i expect? it's a teen movie...hehe! nakakamiss na manood ng "titanic"...haha! sobrang kabisado ko na yun...nasira na nga lang ung VHS (yeah VHS baybeh) ko dahil kay jerick. hmph!

since there's nothing much to do here at home at pinalitan na ni mommy ang may sayad kong printer, i've decided to get on with my printing business. it's the same business that i've thought of months before and have actually told to almost everyone... unfortunately, things were too busy back then or maybe i was just to lazy to work on it...ngayon magsisipag na ko! hehe! pero nag-order palang ako ng t-shirts in different sizes and still waiting... but to those who want to submit your personal shirt designs(2 colors max) email nlng.chaka na pag-usapan yung price since ala pa sakin yung shirts. thanks! and nga pala, i also print designs on light-colored mugs.dito pwede colored...kahit mukha nyo nakalagay. =D

ay parents' barkada is planning to go to boracay this june...may pasok na! indi ako makakasama...waaah!!

anyway, here are some pictures i took while in zambales last april:

we had this island for's not that famous kaya astig! malinis pa at solong solo.
natuwa ako sa mga starfish kasi anglalaki! the boater took us far from the shore and got these from the bottom. kewl =D

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