Monday, May 23, 2005

a good feeling

mukang sisipagin ako ngayong kolehiyo..haha! well i'll be forced to. i guess this is one step closer to "real life", haha! preparation na tlga...anyway, the first day's been great. so far, the profs are okay. our Math112 prof looked strict, though, and the subject seemed really fast-paced. we already covered a whole lesson in the remaining 15 mins of the class after she gave her introduction. laftrip naman sya eh...parang si sir llaguno. nakapag-notes ako ng matino, huwaw. hahaha! iba talaga ang nagagawa pag inisip mong yayaman ka sa course mo...

the religion professor--at first-- reminded me of HP 5's professor umbridge. she wasn't even smiling and looked uninterested while praying. very unreligious-like. but when she started talking, we just found ourselves laughing at almost anything. there were times i doubted if she even knew she was being really witty and funny and actually getting our attention... parang si miss reyes..hmm..nakakamiss, hehe!

eto sample ng mga kakulitan na tinawanan ko:
"don't bring very small Bibles...someone brought a really small Bible before and even used a... (makes gesture as if holding a magnifying glass)...microscope! really!"

"if you have no face, you get no grade"

"i'm from ifugao...ifugao's are already becoming educated, so we no longer look like carabaos"

"you can just look at the hanging coffins in sagada. anyway one day, all of us will become coffins"

(time-keeper announces a minute left)"oh we have a minute left? okay let's look at each other" (then smiles and looks around. she was serious)

hehe...baduy, pero mababaw ako eh! hahah! but here's something from her that perhaps i'll never forget: "decisions are very important to make history--to make a story." yeah, i believe so, too. every decision we make changes what would've happened if we had done otherwise...

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