Tuesday, May 10, 2005

isang araw sa LTO

wee! got my nonpro license...all i need is a little more driving practice with our driver and i'm off on my own! haven't been driving since i lost my student permit before. i had to get a new one and wait a month and finally, the real thing... pero sobrang hassle sa LTO kanina! kulob na room, siksik sa tao, haba ng pila, at walang breakfast...haay.. we were supposed to take two exams: written and practical. fortunately, the jeep we were to drive was not conditioned so they didn't risk letting us newbies use it. instead, the examiner took us outside(thank God. i couldn't stand the waiting room) and asked some questions. this part's quite entertaining...

"Ano pinaka importanteng bagay dapat mong dalin pag magddrive ka ng malayo?"
- "spare tire?"
"Mali. Pera -- pambayad sa pulis."

ang kulit! hehe! anyway after the "practical" exam we were back in the crowded waiting area and stayed for about 30 minutes more. and then i was called for the release of my license. finally!

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