Tuesday, May 10, 2005


i read through my old blog. it's the one miss punzalan required us to make and was responsible for my stumbling upon blogger.. haha check nyo ang sabog. anyway, we had this topic about dreams(about the only thing that got close to a reflection) and here's what i wrote:

We all dream, don't we? About what? Many things...things you would want to have but in absolutely no way you can get...people you love and wish would love you back but they just damn don't...events in life you would want to experience but just aren't for you...rotten dreams. There's just too much crap to dream of that sometimes you'll just frustrate yourself if you don't achieve 'em. But then again, dreams are what gets me going. I'd like to wake up to each day that there are still goals to look up to, hopes to brighten me up, and yeah, dreams to either make me frustrated, or continue to rise. I guess this crap is really a big part of life, after all...;p

and actually you never know, you might stumble upon something, or someone that'll make you stop and consider your dreams a reality, if not better. ;p

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