Wednesday, May 25, 2005

3rd day funk

i gotta love university breaks. we're given a chance to see other HS friends and although i'm used to seeing them, it has never been this thrilling to actually spend time with them and know that it's good for only 2 hours a week. the student council hosted a parokya ni edgar concert and free food in the ampitheater titled "first day funk". it's actually a good way of welcoming froshies and all other college students back from summer's heat. but even with all these happenings, most of us SR-C taft-goers decided to veer away from the crowd into our own little world. it's a different kind of enjoyment for us. =D karyl and i went to UM to meet up with enzo and we ate at House Blend. then we visited karyl and jem's room at "@ home." it's a nice place: cozy and near. tv nalang kulang. hihi! so inabutan namin si jem then after onting chika chika...punta kami ni karyl starbucks dahil andun si mae and arlene... si jem and enzo balik angelo king for a meeting. we met up with mae, arlene, rap, and javy sa starbucks and then checked out arlene and her siblings' penthouse. astig rin dun...then kain nanaman ng luto ng ate nya...tenk yu ahlene!

when we went back to lasalle, parokya's still playing "yes yes show". then umulan na... @ 2:30 we're all back in our respective classrooms...

i never liked religion classes but i enjoy RELSONE. it's really the prof, i guess. really witty, but sensible. ang dami mo mapupulot kaya tinututukan ko ng kinig. and teachers don't really get my attention for long...goldfish utak ko eh. pero tong prof na to astig. makes me feel good to believe in God... =D

philippine history rin astig teacher! ang taray ng prof namin (mejo uhm...pero lalaki sya) at ang daldal. pero mas gusto ko panoorin gestures nya..i'm sure rap wouldn't mind being there to entertain himself. nakakatuwa tlga...

i'm starting to enjoy the company of my blockmates. may mga nagiging close na...cla vinci and jick. sla mga kasa-kasama ko pag breaks except cguro pag wednesday... basta saya!

ay nako...kayong mga magkakatipunan... magparamdam parin kayo ah pag pasukan nyo na! gimmick tayo!!!

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