Wednesday, July 12, 2006

raindrops keep fallin on my head!

so it's a wet wednesday... classes are suspended! they should've announced the suspension earlier. ugh. now i'm here in Collegian net cafe just across North gate waiting for enzo. that's one good thing about today though: we're goin' to makati and i'll probably accompany him as he shop... haha baliktad =D i'll just worry about studying for my physics exam tonight.

speaking of exams... the hell with INTOSET (introduction to set!) the class had a median grade of 64%, and 16 failed. i'm hoping for a make-up test. yeah, i passed, pero mababa and sayang naman. with my current standing, there's no way to get a 4.0, and i'm freakin aiming for that.

i finished watching one tree hill season 3 and woohoo! inlavavo na ko lalo kay james lafferty! anak ng patatas na itsura yan... H-O-T. he'll most probably graze my layout next time i change it. ;)

oh, happee birthday monique!!! 19 na si istik! hihi!

3 days from now, migo'll be leaving pinas...huhu... ingat ikaw at good luck sa girls! hope you'll make it as fitness first singapore's new body jam instructor! oh yeah! =D

sarap ng food nung despi ni migo last sat... masarap rin ung cheesesticks, pag magaling kang kumagat. antigas! hehe! peace! saya sya kainin though. ;) kakamiss senior-C!!! see pics from mae's multiply...
nadapa pa ko... asa pa kasi sa heels... bruises on both knees...gawd. sabi kasi ni pia "migo" clothes daw ang suotin...mejo pakikay tuloy kami. pero yung iba madaya! boo!!!

pangya muna ko... kakainggit mga katabi ko sa shop...playing Ran, RO, Dota... bye!

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