Wednesday, June 21, 2006

after my cheesedog break..

just when i have nothing much to do, i can't connect to yahoo messenger and at least have a decent chat with my friends. i went blog-hopping instead! and look at what i found...

nice one, hermy! s'ya kaya yan?

i am actually hooked to "bituing walang ningning." wah! ba't ba kasi andun si carlo aquino?! hahahaha! although i'm not that much into soaps, this one has a familiar story because of the movie, which i have seen like what, dozens of times? eerrr... hihi!

nasira ang plans ko ng pag-diet today. i woke up at 6:30am to go to the gym (without breakfast) and since we had an LA session during the ubreak, i only ate a jamaican pie for lunch.... dinner without rice..and plenty of water! but just before i started blogging, ate lala cooked cheesedogs and i thought of something: cheesedog and rice with melted cheezweez (microwaved). damn it! right after eating i remembered what sam once said: "a moment in your lips, forever in your hips." hah! too late...

TS online.. another game that caught my eyes. they have a booth at the central plaza and the ragnarok-ish characters are so cute! hmmmm.... /gg

it's the recruitment week for the organizations and i still don't have money to renew my memberships. i can't ask from my mom..she's just paid my voice lessons and i've been spending a lot lately. hmm... gusto ko pa naman mag MOOmedia... can't get enough of things to do! byebye tamad days..haha!

Current tune: none. just WBC International's advertisement in the background... Go Pacman! baduy nga lang may movie...wehehe

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