Tuesday, July 25, 2006

rainy day memories

no classes tomorrow = badminton day. after more than a year of not seeing my beloved fake yonex, i finally needed it. it was surprising to realize that my badminton bag still felt heavy, until i opened it. i never thought it carried this much senior year mems. it pretty much told me how disorganized i was (but i guess i was still disorganized in college, until about 2 days ago). papers, papers, and still more papers were inside and it felt quite good to see them. ahh... like i'm back in zobel.

included are:

- Sir Joon's 1st quiz (13/15, pwede na...*TAKE NOTE: he used a green metallic pen*)

- Stella's physics seatwork... bat nasakin to?! (the one with the velocity vs time graphs)

- Ms. Reyes' work sheet on pregnancy ekek (again, di nasubmit)

- Physics take-home quiz (woohoo! 19/20! =D)

- Parents' Bulletin (Vol. 4, No. 6) reply slip (di uli nasubmit)

- scratch papers for Bado's requirements

- a filler with one journal (for english, i think. i wrote about the cellphone incident)

-Lason: Ang Ganti ng Kahapon script. okay..definitely A LOT of mems..

- Senior prom reply slip and parental consent form (how i was able to go without submitting this, i do not know. but going to my senior prom is by far the best decision i've ever made)

at marami pang ibang stuff... may alcogel na onti palang bawas, pens, and Extra Joss. and once again, i can't bring myself to throw them away...

my Senior-C family

the rain and the many hours it took me to study for the "supposed" calculus test are probably the ones responsible for all this senti shit. nyt y'all.

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