Saturday, July 22, 2006

all cleaned up

to start doing a task is always the hardest. but once you begin, it gets easier and before you know it, you're done. i finally got my room tidy enough to be inhabited. without clutter. maybe i just found it hard to trash things before, even if i know i won't use them.

here's a new layout! inspired by my fave song from vertical horizon, Best I Ever Had. the past layout, the pink one, was fine but some found it hard to get to the blog part. so now i just made a simple one.

while in my cousin's house in bulacan kanina, i friggin stepped on dog shit! havaianas pa man din suot ko..first time yun..pati mismong paa ko nagkaron. eww. to think before that, kinukulit ko sya na ibigay sakin ung isang puppy na pug. now? NO THANKS. i would never want a dog again.

for the first time, a got 70% in a calculus exam and it's frustrating. now how am i supposed to get a 4.0?! the darn subject's worth 4 units and it'll greatly affect my GPA. *hoping to be in the 1st Honors Dean's Lister this term...* i need 6 consecutive terms in that list to be a candidate for the Jose Rizal Honors Society and now that idea seems quite vague. 3 terms palang... badtrip talaga 'tong term na to, even for the other subjects. i don't blame my extracurriculars. i'm sure it has nothing to do with them. academic negligence is just killing me.

I need to be...
1. more studious
2. OC
3. more understanding
4. an "Ate"
5. slimmer by summer `07. haha!
6. a rich actuary by 25 years old
7. an artist! (frustrated...)
8. ready for my recital on June 29
9. ready for our jazz dance number for the recital
10. forver happy...much like how i am now. =D

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