Sunday, June 18, 2006

when eyed by a dog, don't run.

one has to thank a stress-free weekend. no quizzes or deadlines for monday! we went to tagaytay with mom's TG barkada and i got to spend time with aj and cid again. enjoy mag-magic sing especially now that we've figured out the technique for high scores! :D puyatan nanaman...

now about the title of this entry, poor jerick was chased by a bitch this morning. he only stopped crying when we said that since it turned out he was a fast runner, he can try kid's soccer.

hmm...still sleepy from last night's long vocal torture..

Current tune: Best I Ever Had - Vertical Horizon

So you sailed away...into a grey sky morning...

Belated HABERDEY vinci!!!(june 17)

Happy Dad's day to your fafas!

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