Sunday, June 04, 2006

i've got so much to see..this is where i wanna be

Calculus isn't much fun these days--this term, for that matter. thank you, my dear queer professor and your favorite student, the blackboard. 2 precious butt-against-wood hours are all i can take with him. so it's Leithold and me again... save me..

The first two weeks weren't that stuffed and neither did i go home right after classes. masaya naman tumambay sa school 'til about 5:30.. ;)

i finally accomplished a summer goal: have my room repainted and my stuff in order. well, maybe just the painting part. i still have some of my things in boxes...

take a look!

ahuh, a bit generous on colors but i have it just the way i like it.

we went to Mall of Asia yesterday. huge that i didn't expect us to have a hard time finding a place to eat. my mom got hungry at exactly 12 noon and the good restaus already had people waiting. but good thing i was finally able to shop. wee! new sneakers!

masama akong Ate...

malabo yan pero magegets nyo.. wah.. guilty..hehe!

soooo... byebye Philippine Idol dreams.. my vocal coach wanted me to audition but i just didn't have the guts. i wanted to... a bit. waaah! tapus na ang june 3... maybe next time... Naaah.

want time to speed up? get busy.

Current tune: Pure Shores - All Saints. (missing Leo... we HAD something..haha!)
Craving for: a hug... and choco-banana-peanut crepe with ice cream from Z2 Cafe. 40 bucks.^_^

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