Saturday, June 23, 2007

while i'm at it

is it me, or has blogging become so tiring? well, considering the fact that all the other bloggers are still religiously updating theirs, yeah, i guess it's just me and my love for going all horizontal lately. i just want to get as much rest as i could these days, thanks to the stressful Student Council life. anyhow, to more or less sum up what i've been up to these past few weeks...

19th Young Hoteliers' Exposition. here's to my very responsible and passionate fafichef! err, i'm so proud a momma.

i just got home from my second visit to World Trade Center where they're holding the YHE events with Mafbex and am really stuffed with all the food for free tasting! *drool*

Green & White. 5 more terms and we are graduating..and we should, so we better make it good. speaking of, we(most of my friends) already worked on our Green & White requirements for the yearbook. yep, as early as now. and who best to do my 80-words-max write up than sam? here's what she did (i edited some parts and included elcid's contribution):
From afar, one sees a girl giving a myriad of facial expressions coupled with similarly bizarre actions, giving people huddled around her a good time. Up close, it isn’t so different. Some people would probably find difficulty reconciling this voluptuous, effervescent, goofy person with an intelligent, street-savvy one-heck-of-a-girl. This lady, who harnesses a gift for numbers and music, can do some serious ass-kicking in legislation. More than tables, means and probabilities, she’s a friend to be kept and treasured forever.

French class. i should be taking up European Studies since i find myself looking forward to 2:30pm(French) every MWF. although some people are more blessed with linguistic skills, probably my passion would pay off in time. and when i go to Paris... i'll stop now. that's a loooong way to go..

Actuarial Exams. now this is what i should be focusing on. i'm dismissing my hopes of taking the Probability exam come August. it's just too soon. and the next batch is in november, which seems like a better month. but from now on, i'll try to devote at least 2 hours a week studying for it, even if i would tend to repeat several theorems. at least they would stick to my brain cells, much like how the multiplication table is integrated in our systems. my hopes of travelling to europe depend on these exams...

goodbye DSL, hello SmartBro! i hope it's a good decision..but we had no choice. a little cost-cutting is needed. :p

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