Friday, July 13, 2007

middle of my frustrated fears

Who ever thought French profs can make you reminisce about high school? During French class earlier, after answering her correctly, Madame Berdardino asked me:

B: Did you ever take up French before?
Proud Me: Yes, in high school.
B: I see..
(then after hearing someone else ask me if I was from Zobel)
B: Ah you're from Zobel? Do you know Madame Nenette Brenner?
M: Oh my God, you know her?!

I guess that's how acquainted French-speaking Pinays are.

_ _ _

"So many things to do, so little time." The overused words cannot be more apt to how I'm feeling now. I want to try out so many things--more than my tired body can handle. Most of the days since I'm-not-sure-when, I have my thoughts on boxing. Or gloveless punching. Or anything similar to jabbing onto something hard. Like a wall. Yes, a concrete wall.

And that's how I suddenly forgot about trying out new things. 'Coz here's another side of it.

Two days ago, quite insanely, I hit the wall and got a bad bruise on my knuckles. I forgot why I did, but most of the time that I feel like hurting my hand, it's because I'm keeping myself from saying something that'd disturb my peaceful conversations with people.

Okay, enough of drama. Je me sens fatigue. A bientot.. (I'm tired. See you soon..)

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