Wednesday, May 10, 2006

bago nanaman..papatagalin ko na to.

err... a new layout again. hihi! i know, i know... it's a bit too girly for me. but what the heck. i once loved pink. sabi na magsasawa agad ako sa previous layout(blue one). masyado maliit yung text area.

tafters have a week and a half before school starts and i still haven't seen at least half of Sr-C. boo. at least some of us got to enjoy at Splash Island. hihi!

- - -
can't wait for Fitness First-SM Southmall to open! too bad migo's moving out of the country... ang lapit sana sa bahay nila nun. as for me, please! sana 3x a week na talaga gym ko... rawr! habulin kita migo!

- - -
thank you, kat, for a good laugh. hehe! i was testing colors for my layout when she texted me: "Pak pak pak pak pak pak lilipad..kapag ikay may pak pak pak" and i was like, "hah?!" heheheh! apparently, it was supposed to be for her cuz. thanks, anyway. bored ako nun.=D

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