Saturday, April 15, 2006

missed the net

our family went to Baguio--again--for the Holy Week and i haven't blogged in a while. and even if i brought my laptop to kill time, i wasn't able to use it that much...and it's my mom's fault! haha! she taught my younger cousins how to play Zuma and Feeding Frenzy at wala na silang ginawa kundi kulitin ako. and so to live in peace i settled with Jerick's gameboy.

Wednesday night--my cousins(the elder ones), paul, and i went to Padi's Point and ordered 4 barrels of SMB, sisig, and kilawin. i didn't drink as much as i expected to...mejo matabang yung beer, di masarap. ate jing said she has a friend working in Padi's (not the branch we're in) and the friend told her they usually put water in the mejo may daya pala. two bands played that night. the first one had an excellent male vocalist--in terms of voice quality. but they didn't seem to capture the crowd's party mood because of lack of umm, movements? anyway, the second band was, in my opinion, the better one. and although the vocalists weren't the best voices, they got the people on their feet and the dancing started. and perhaps the bikini-wearing-is-she-in-baguio singer helped get the y-chromosomed perverts bumpin. eto namang mga pinsan kong lalaki and (ACK!) pati si Paul joined the girl who was pole-dancing at the corner. she's from the table next to ours at nakipag-flirt naman mga kasama ko. heheh! pag-uwi sa bahay(still in baguio)... we checked the pictures taken at Padi's and hihi... mas maganda daw yung girl nung nasa corner. in the dark. hirit mga pinsan ko kamuka daw ni PEPAY sa Home Along Da Airport. i don't know, i don't watch that..hehe. although i didn't like the crowd in Padi's that much, i enjoyed the night with my pinsans. this is what i call unwind... /gg.

yesterday(friday) wasn't my first time in Strawberry Farm pero nun lang ako talaga naka-step sa farm na part. and thank my forgetful mind that i didn't get to bring any footgear aside from the slippers i was wearing when we left las piƱas. kung nadala ko mas magandang susuotin ko sa farm na SOBRANG PUTIK.buti nalang. but boo, we didn't pick any strawberries... 200 a kilo. sa market nalang! but i had another first sa farm..first time kumain ng strawberry taho. imbis na arnibal, stawberry syrup with strawberries talaga. yum!

anyway...bahay na uli ngayon. and i tried playing Dota. mahirap! pero masaya pag nakakapatay... though most of the time ako yung pinapatay kahit pc palang kalaban ko. kainis! summer naman..practice practice. hah! gotta love the break!

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