Saturday, April 01, 2006

ah saturday... ^_^

ang saya magising na alam mong di mo kelangan maligo agad. pero nagtoothbrush muna ko sympre. hihi! then diretso na sa pc and worked on anj's blog layout. simple lang.. pero natagalan ako coz i reviewed css. tried to start the html from scratch..nang hindi nagccopy paste sa aking past layouts(which were just editted versions of other people's layouts). so this is basically my first layout na ako lang talaga ang gumawa: wee! it's just a little favor for my dear friend. wala ako maisip na itsura. she just told me to make it green and i put an image of a green-eyed cat. i had some problems with it, though. baket ba ang laki laki ng "About me" ?!?! ayun talaga ang di ko masolve...kaya yan anj bahala ka na magedit pag may ayaw ka.. hehe! nagenjoy rin naman ako sa paggawa kaya ok lang! nalimutan ko na nga magbukas ng notes for math114..yikes! maya maya nalang... after maligo. hahahah! yeah... haven't taken a bath yet. amfness. sige na ang init eh. babay!


sakit ng ulo ko... i can feel it sort-of throbbing. tatanga-tanga kasi eh. nauntog ako sa pinto ng banyo ko. i'm sure it's because of that.

today has been a semi-productive day. aside from finishing anj's blog, i studied the 1st part of our calculus finals. hopefully i can finish the freakin-long coverage. the exam's on friday pero baka di ko matapos. we still have stat and statpac on wed.
SUMMER(maikli for tafters) - 1 WEEK = FINALS

ay nako, storbo.

when 2nd term started, i bought the novel Sophie's World for our philosophy class to get additional grade if i made a book report. i didn't. and maybe it's because of the historic genre or our workload that i just can't finish books these days. 97 out 427 pages. naknangpatatas. the book before that was Rule of Four. i ended up lending it to sam and asking her to judge it for me. then maybe when she says it's okay then i'll read it this summer.

i miss my phone. mejo palpak sa signal yun ngayon so i'm using jerick's N2100 (or 2200?). problem is, i can't bring my 6630 to semicon yet. more than 1000 valuable messages pa ang andun and di ko kayang i-pareformat. wah. still have to type all of 'em. *wishin' for a software that recopies messages from phone to pc...* (ericsson ata meron? rawr.)

free lunch---nah---free YELLOWCAB's the best lunch. especially when there are more slices for you than you can eat. thanks, johanna! HAPPEEE BURRRDAYYY!!!

...mag-investigate muna kami ni vinci... babay muna... :D

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