Saturday, March 18, 2006


wee! mag update na ko.. i've nothing to add to my layout anyway.

err...the past um.. days? weeks? months? have been the most tiring ones. and it's not about academics nor math circle. haha! hmm... i'm running for the student council. position: legislative assembly representative for our batch sa college of science. ay nako.. hehe! mejo career mode nga eh...but it's been a fun experience and yeah, i'm hoping na manalo derecho santugon!:D honestly, i've learned to love the partido. super saya pero dedicated pag trabaho na. hihi :D

haaay... eto na at nagccount na ng votes.. hirap mag-antay! rawr! dito kami lahat sa isang classroom doing whatever. may nagmomonopoly, cards, kain, tulog, ako eto blog. teka may chichi session uli...sige babay!:D

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