Tuesday, March 28, 2006

im a pish!

bakeet?! di ko magets ang SAS sa statpac... friggin program. cguro coz of the many times i skipped class for the campaign. or even when present, mas nakakaaliw kasi ang c++ machine program kaya mas ginagawa ko yun. tomorrow's our quiz in SAS. i've read the handouts but nothing seemed to make sense. it's different when done hands on. oh well bahala na... that's why i'm here in front of the pc now.. don't care nemore sayang lang kung aralin ko at di ko magets. sam! tulong! heheh!

before reading my handouts, i watched spiderman 2 AGAIN. ang kewl talaga ng movie na yun...para sakin. hehe. nakakaluha parin minsan...rawr! ang babaw ko. fave part: "raindrops keep fallin on my head..." so relaxing... AND distracting when you're tryin' to study.

there's this new game i'm currently addicted to: Feeding Frenzy. simple, but yeah..kakaadik. you're a fish and you use the mouse to swim. then you can eat the smaller fishes when you pass them OR get eaten by the bigger ones. dami stages...thanks to kuya norman for it. hehe! i don't know where to download it..i just got the file from his laptop... 11 mb lang ata so pwede sa flash disk. wee! laro muna ko!

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