Sunday, April 24, 2005

mindoro trip

hohoho...came home from mindoro @ about 2 am this morning. i'm actually still tired but not in the mood to sleep... grabe foodtrip na to...rawr! hehe... pero masaya naman... tong-its sa gabi...loser gets to drink Royal with crushed Choknut. masarap ang royal, lalo na ang choknut. pero sinasabi ko sayo, pagsabayin mo...mukang galing inodoro. wee! pati pala lollipop soaked in vinegar...haha! kakaiba ang trip... haay...toasted nanaman sa init. too bad i didn't swim that much because of my frickin' stitch. oh well... when i get ahold of the pictures maybe i'll post some of them here...the place is really nice...great scenery. =D

feels good to be back home, though. i had fun goin' places but i need rest... and my computer. hehe.

i took another quiz just before this entry:

tom boy result

What kind of little girl were YOU?
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nyarks...tomboy pa eh no? hahahaha! ang harut eh, amf.

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