Wednesday, April 20, 2005


the makiling trip was fun...and changing at the same time. i don't know if i'd say that much about it...more or less i have the same emotions towards it as what kyle has. you can check his blog...really inspiring lessons learned.

too bad i wasn't able to climb the legendary water tank. i wanted to, but i feared na baka bumigay yung operation wound ko...darn. hmm...then again, it was one hell'a good clean fun! :D i definitely enjoyed spending time with some of the people i would surely miss, now that college's awaiting us.

anyway, i'll go pack my bags again. haha! we'll be leaving tomorrow for Mindoro at about 4am...quite a roadtripper, eh? hehe!

oh, here's the result of a quiz i just took...haven't much to do(it's one of the quizzes with results i can really relate to):

Your inner soul is very mellow. You're very laid
back and pretty much enjoy life! You're quite
an average person, you enjoy hanging out with
your friends, but also making sure you're doing
alright in school. You love to have fun and
laugh, but you're also quiet at times and just
like to soak in the pleasurement of simple
things. You have a pretty good life going on
and wouldn't trade it for anything else :)

What Is Your Inner Soul Trying To Say?
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