Sunday, March 18, 2007

over my gawddamned head

i've been away from the blogging world for a million reasons. to cite a few:

1. my laptop's being repaired for the 3rd week now and i miss it terribly.
2. last week was campaign week, and we've been training for weeks before it.
3. tests are quite out of my control these days because of reason #2.
4. still because of reason #2, i only get to spend about 5 hours a day at home, sleep and study time included. kill me now.

oh but good news, i have a new fone!

i think it's quite a beauty, actually. it was my dad's, originally, but he had a hard time adjusting to ericsson's keys. so, akin na to!! yey! cam-whoring time!

- - -
saying something you've kept to yourself for so long can make you feel insanely happy. believe me.

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