Thursday, August 24, 2006

come fly with me

it's the end of a bad term, and hopefully the start of a better one. i'm free until sept. 11!

sana maraming magawang productive:
-lose at least 3lbs. haha! gym na to!
-practice shirt-printing...tumitigas na ata paints ko.
-fix my room. again.
-unclutter my PC files
-do LA stuff
-review my Mandarin handouts

i was told that my email account's been sending nonsense mail. virus ata. ang bobo ko pa naman sa mga ganitong bagay pano ba ayusin?!

speaking of emails, kuya norman's forwarded mail "destressed" me while studying for Intoset last night. i hope math is THIS easy...

errr..geeky? heheh. benta sakin yung joke..

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